Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Tia and I met this morning, got on the train and pitched our offer asking commuters to join us in a subway social group. The great part is that we did it! However we only handed out a couple cards and I was expecting the response to be better. I'm still having trouble with being loud enough and really projecting my voice. We'll keep trying.

Mission #2: For the coming week I will continue to collaborate with Tia but since she is only available Thursdays and Fridays, I am going to try something else too. My plan is to stick to the same train at the same time and try to more directly get people involved by pitching to them day after day. So the mission is: for the upcoming Fri, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thursday to run the same pitch to the same people and see what happens. I will report back next Friday!


  1. I think your plan will work out, maybe not on a global scale yet, probably not even soon, But i have a feeling that it will work. I believe in signs. I read your WSJ blog interview and it was funny that yesterday I responded to a friend's blog on global security using very similar words: "maybe I am naive and idealistic". This morning, on the F train to work you made eye contact with me even through my dark shades (I was reading my iPad near the doors) and said good morning, I smiled and don't know if you heard my good morning to you... my voice was a bit froggy. Anyhow, I barely have time to do anything, but either way I would like to do what I can. How can I help? You have Mel who helps with editting, Tia who helps Thursdays & Fridays. I am no Tia... but maybe we can come up with something as a team.


  2. Hi Cher, Thank you for the encouragement. For now you can keep a piece of colored paper with you so next time you see me you can give me a sign. Or even better you can come with me on the train, and as a pair we can attract more people to our group. I believe we need to really start as a grassroots movement and go out there and bring people together. And only then we can start thinking about a website, holding events, etc.