As I mention in my plan, I'm going to use SCVNGR to get people involved with Underground Connection. SCVNGR is an online gaming platform where users compete by doing real-world challenges for real-world rewards.

I want to do something as follows: Build a SCVNGR challenge that awards points for people doing things that help me build the subway social community. Specifically, award 1 point by just showing up at the right time, right place, another point if they see me and say "scvngr", 2 points if they hold up a green sign (as per my plan with getting people to hold up green signs to indicate interest).

For those that get 3 points, you earn a reward like a free iTunes download, and you can have your name posted here. I'll keep track of the top competitors and you will get recognition!

I am not completely satisfied with the reward and challenge as stated here. Can you think of a way to make it better? Perhaps other commuters (i.e. you) will get involved with offering rewards. For instance, if you own a cafe, barber shop, nail salon, etc. perhaps you can offer discounts to those that perform challenges that get this going.

At my request SCVNGR has generously given me a free allowance to build 25 challenges. As soon as I build the challenges, I'll link to it here. Stay tuned...

SCVNGR | How To Play from SCVNGR on Vimeo.