Friday, November 26, 2010

Being First

I've noticed something interesting on when I make my subway pitch: It takes courage to be the first one to ask me for a card. No one wants to be first because you're facing the scrutiny of the crowd, but once someone makes the leap, then all the dominos fall and everyone else asks for one. And the reverse is true too; if nobody asks for a card right away, then it becomes increasingly unlikely for anyone to stand out and ask for one when the collective already made the decision not to. This reminds me of a video I saw on TED about the significance of the first follower. From now on I'll attempt to hook an interested person right away with good eye contact, so they immediately take a card getting everyone else to follow. (Refresh page if you're having trouble playing/pausing video.)


  1. i saw u on rocketboom daily.
    I really love your idea!
    Considering the follower/leader problem- You might want to include something like this.
    An downloadable App capable of recognizing other underground connection users and displaying their interests. No one would have to stand up and be afraid of being the only one. You could just approach each other via sms or via bluetooth notifying you that there is another user in your area.

    Greetings from Austria, Daniel.

  2. Something like that will come eventually. Thanks Daniel