Monday, September 13, 2010

Guest Post By Melissa

Normally I transfer to an R train in the morning, which is usually less busy than the F train in the morning, but adds a couple of minutes on my commute time. But on that particular morning, I was running late and decided to stay on the F train the whole way to get to work. Right before I was about to get off on 23rd street, Solomon announced his idea to the car. I thought it was just lovely. I grabbed a flyer before I headed off the train, and decided to email him once I got to work about advice for going back to school for a career change. But quite frankly it is inspiring me to think of my own ways to contribute and help others as well.  I don't know exactly how I can help others yet, but I'm ready to try my best.

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  1. Dear Solomon,

    I happened upon your site (and Idea) through a link posted on Gawker. I have to say that I think your idea is a great. It is refreshing to see someone focusing on mutual help and connecting with other humans one on one in this increasingly insulated and isolationist world we live in. I think what you are doing is incredibly brave and wish that I lived in NY, AS i defn. have services and talents to barter. Keep up the good work!