Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guest Post By Tia

I found myself on the F train as usual trying to squeeze into a small space without offending and successfully drowning out the surroundings with a good book. To my right, I hear the introductory phrase of someone you know is about to make grand proclamations for god or beg for money. "good morning everyone can I have a moment". My initial response was to drown out the voice, but I soon realized that this person was a man with an idea. So I listened up, took his business card and decided to email him to announce my interest.

I think the idea of exchanging things in a meaningful way on your daily commute is an idea worth trying out. New Yorkers live, travel and work in such close proximity to each other, yet they are cut off and removed, often opting for the ipod over a friendly conversation.

Maybe this will work, maybe it will fall into the obscurities of Solomon's mind never to be thought of again. Either way, im down to be a part of this and see what happens.


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