Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flyer 1

This is the flyer I handed out last week.

Train Barter Idea -- Day 3

Hi! I would like to help you and ask if you can help me.
I offer:
  • Help with finding a job
  • Grad school advice
  • Packing/moving help
  • Love
I seek:
  • Feedback on this idea of having us exchange our knowledge, our resources, our skills, our time, our compassion on the subway. Any feedback is really helpful
  • Ideas about how to expand this concept and make it practical for everyone
  • Someone who would like to make a webpage or blog describing this idea
  • Someone to be my weekly swim partner (I can provide the pool)
  • Love

Please email me: manonmetro AT gmail  Solomon Lederer

Is there something you want to get or give? E.g. find a dance partner, find a Spanish tutor, information on how to publish a book, how to nurse your newborn, advice on buying a computer, someone to watch your dog, someone to go to the movies with, etc.

1 comment:

  1. I definitely like your style. Unfortunately, from Texas, all I can offer is a kind word, respect, and love. ^_^ Good luck with everything you do and with what you seek out of life.