Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flyer 2

This is the flyer I'll be handing out tomorrow.

Hi! I would like to help you and ask if you can help me.

My offer to you:

Email me 1 thing you really want/need. Either:
1)     something you want to get or experience—e.g. a 5-star meal, a spa treatment
2)     help with fulfilling an important need—e.g. help finding a job, grad school help
3)     personal help/improvement—guidance in breaking free from an unhappy job, relationship…; becoming more social or confident
4)     any other specific need—packing/moving help, legal advice, someone to watch your dog, etc

I will reply to your email with some advice and direction. In addition I will choose one person each week and devote 5 hours of my time to really get you what you want, or get you close to it.

What’s in it for me:

·       I have this idea that we can exchange our knowledge, our resources, our skills, our time, our compassion on the subway. I just don’t know yet how to expand this concept and make it practical for everyone. Your email is feedback. The better I get at understanding what people want, the better I will be able to come up with solutions.

·       Maybe I will attract people who want to get involved or help out in some way. And ultimately I hope to get things that I want too

Please email me: Solomon Lederer manonmetro AT gmail  Blog: ugconnection.blogspot.com (comments welcome!)
I am working on helping Ida find a job. Can you help? I am also seeking someone that can offer legal advice to a new New Yorker who’s facing eviction. 

In the blank space above I have a photocopy of Ida's business card.

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